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Ruthenian painter Andrew Manaylo was rewarded the Highest Hungarian State Distinction

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Professor Dr. Miklos Kasler, the Minister of The Human Resources Ministry bestowed upon the Ruthenian painter Andrew Manaylo the Pro Cultura Minoritatum Hungariae award – as a sign of recognition of his outstanding activity carried out in the field of national education and culture.

The ceremony connected with the handover of the award, also known as the “Oscar” for the development of the national culture, was held on the 13th of October, 2018, in the assembly hall of the Urania National Cinema in Budapest.

The awards were handed over by Miklos Soltesz, the state secretary responsible for the Religious and National Relations of the Premiership and Mrs. Langer, Katalin Victor, the assistant state secretary responsible for the Social Closing Up of the Ministry of Human Resources.

“Andrew Manaylo, the graphic artist and painter, who was born in the famous Ruthenian artist dynasty, is a committed devotee of his national culture. It is the national roots and the legacy of the universal art together, that define his artistic activity – as a result of which he introduced himself in numerous exhibitions all over the world. Mr. Manaylo, the painter, who came in for a number of international honorable mentions, too, as the President of the Ruthenian Self-Government in Hungary mothered the International Ruthenian Collection of Contemporary Fine Arts, established and coordinated the International Ruthenian Art Symposiums for children and adults, initiated the building of the Greek Catholic wooden church in Mariapocs, and organized also a number of scientific propagative conferences and the publishing of numerous art albums strengthening the identity of the Ruthenians.

Andrew Manaylo – as one of the most well-known contemporary fine artists of the universal Ruthenian nation, reckons the preservation and world-wide popularization of the national culture – as one of his most important tasks.”

We felicitate Mr. Manaylo – the artist, on his Hungarian State Award!

World Council of Rusyns

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