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An Exclusive Portrait Film Premiere on Duna TV - That Offers a Glimpse into My Artistic World

"This film not only guides you to my studio and initiates you into the mystery of creation, but also reveals the exciting path of the development of my Ruthenian roots and forms of artistic expression." - Andrew Manaylo


Greetings, Dear Readers!


I am delighted to recommend my latest portrait film, "From Rusyn Roots to the Abstract," which premiered on DunaTV's Rondó nationality magazine on March 29, 2024. This film is a personal journey into my artistic life, showcasing how I blend my Rusyn heritage with modern artistic forms.


Throughout the film, I offer insights into how I was inspired by my grandfather, a founder of the Carpathian Barbizon, and my father, also a renowned painter. I share moments of picking up a brush for the first time, my experiences in family and formal art institutions, and the inspirations from my travels that ultimately led me towards abstract art.


You can get a glimpse into the world of my studio and the secrets of the creative process.


This film is not only my story but also an effort to preserve a cultural heritage vital to the Rusyn community. "From Rusyn Roots to the Abstract" demonstrates how traditions and modern expressions coexist in my work and how I strive to maintain this balance while keeping the Rusyn identity alive in the rapidly changing 21st century.


With friendly greetings:

Andrew Manaylo

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