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Discovery Awaits: Andrew Manaylo's New Portrait Film - Abstract Art Unfolding Before Our Eyes

Dear Connoisseurs of Art,


It is with great pleasure that I unveil my latest video, a portrait film that offers an intimate glimpse into my creative cosmos. This is my inaugural short film, where I personally tell my story in Hungarian, revealing the wellsprings of my inspiration and my artistic philosophy.

The film was produced during my abstract art exhibition at the Váci Tragor Ignácz Museum, inaugurated by Dr. Gábor Bellák, the Chief Museologist of the Hungarian National Gallery. I heartily recommend it to my collectors, interior designers, and those with a keen interest in contemporary art.

I invite you to explore my artistic world, to immerse yourself in abstraction, and to become part of this extraordinary journey.


With warm regards: Andrew Manaylo

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