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Andrew Manaylo
"GENESIS" art series

original art for your collection

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“Art series of my Genesis paintings - is the realization of a creative search for a form of embodiment of long, deep, philosophical reflections on the essence of our being, on the path of human development and understanding of our individual place in it.

The waves of emotions have always helped me to penetrate deeper and deeper the ocean of colours and textures.

Swimming around the symbols yet firmly holding the steering wheel of my instinct has always helped me to dive beyond to the aesthetics.

For me painting is like playing on an instrument, a harp for example.

The strings are the colours and the notes resonate with qualities such as mystery, intimacy.

Paintings can help build a sense of reverence for the ocean of the unconscious.

Andrew Manaylo

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„In the artistic works of Andrew Manaylo images emerge from an explosion of feverish brushworks, fast and energetic.

Andrew Manaylo's painting is personal rather than objective; in his artworks the experience and the feelings seem to leak out in the tumid and mushy brush strokes, but paradoxically they acquire an extraordinary pictorial lightness thanks to a determined and dispatched technique.

The creative urge dictates the rhythm in the paintings of the Ruthenian artist; a rhythm that becomes each time more and more urgent and engaging; a rhythm capable of creating dynamic vortex of emotions, as well as evocative atmospheres that ignite of a thousand colored reflections.”

Nikita D. Lobanov-Rostovsky 
Advisor to the auction house "Christie's" and to "Sotheby's", 
Life Member of the Union of benefactors of the Museum "Metropolitan" in New York.

Red Dot Miami Art Show - Manaylo
Artexpo New York - Manaylo
LA Art Show - Manaylo
Monaco Yacht Show - Manaylo

On a Thin Layer of the Matrix of Life

Modern philosophy, technology, human progress forms a new level of consciousness, a new understanding of the objectivity and subjectivity of life, the significance or insignificance of the moment, the relativity of many unshakable concepts in the past. Often, our inner conviction, our life position, our worldview, also determines the reality in which we exist, forms a new understanding of the environment in which the life path passes, visualizes the world in which we live.

From this point of view Andrew Manaylo’s thoughts regarding the sources and flow of existence embodied in the picturesque figures are just the artist’s statutory and contemporary reaction on the new vibrations of the energetic field of the Earth, turn the painter into a re-translator of the changes of the thin layer of the matrix of life, and lead out his works onto a new philosophical level of abstract painting having a clearly expressed individual style and technique.

The sources of the new artistic series are to be looked for in the earlier creative periods of the painter. The attentive and inquisitive vision of the world so characteristic of Andrew Manaylo, the quest of the essence and not only of the external signs of the depicted reality gave birth to expressive and symbolic creative interpretations in which the viewer met with the artist’s exciting, emotionally touching paintings filled with symbols. Symbolism is an important part of Manaylo’s artistic language. It tells not only of his attitude to the phenomena, for it is also a show of priority of this or that phenomenon making the viewer think about the nature of the phenomena, find answers and discover new layers of reality.

In creating a new pictorial series of Genesis, Andrew Manaylo did not abandon symbolism. Reflections on the beginning and development of the essence combine in his creative imagination three phenomena, three markers, symbols of the Universe and human history.

Symbolically emotional painting technique conveys the energy of primitive chaos and the “Big Bang of the Universe”, the flickering reality of “the paradise apples” is a symbol of the beginning of the history of mankind on Earth (a tribute to the symbolism of the paintings of the great Renaissance masters). The symbolic number of apples (there are four of them) indicates a clear organization and rhythm of the stages of life (four cardinal points, four seasons, four stages of human life, etc.), reliability, strength, wisdom of people, openness to everything new, the ability to create, maintain and develop values, and thus symbolizes faith in the bright future of mankind. The geometric elements inherent in the paintings are deeply symbolic: both as symbols of curbing and ordering chaos (which echoes the stylistics and symbolism of suprermatism), and as allusions to the circuitry of computer boards, which symbolizes the growing pace of modernization of the modern world with its global Internet, comprehensive computerization, which inevitably leads to the next rebirth of the matrix of life, to artificial intelligence. Thus, the artist identified three basic components of the genesis: an explosion that created the prerequisites for life, an apple, which determined the place of people's lives, and computer elements leading to the future of digital life of mankind.

These elements are present in every painting of the Genesis series. At the same time each of the paintings has its own composition, color and innovative technical performance. The energy of the explosion is depicted by energetic strokes and spots of black and white nuance color combinations that form a background with a diverse compositional rhythm. Despite the energy of the strokes, the artist found a tonal-color balance of the background, which, playing an important role in the embodiment of the plan, does not dominate the canvas, but organically combines and enhances the role of other elements of the composition: four apples, which the artist arranges in a row and geometric elements-structures having different shapes and shimmering lines. Flicker, spatiality and movement are present in every composition. And this gives rise to a sensation of the musical sound of subtle vibrations, the continuity and pulsation of life, the eternity of confrontation and the interaction of constant values.

In addition to black and white combinations (positive and negative in our lives), the artist uses shades of blue - water and brown - earth. The basic natural elements symbolize the Earth, on which mankind passes its own way. Also, the compositions contain accents of green, red or yellow, which the artist successfully uses to balance the composition and harmonize the color palette. Each color symbolizes certain things: red - the driving energy of love, passion; green is the purity and blessed power of nature, yellow is a symbol of the sun, heat, divine power. The artist associates with the higher powers the number of apples, which, in his opinion, symbolizes the angels who are always with us, surround us with their love, and help solve our problems.

Separately, it should be said about the technical embodiment of the artistic design. The artist boldly experiments in non-traditional technology that meets modern trends in the synergization of methods and means of creative professions, opens up new paths for the development of pictorial traditions, and offers a modern form of exhibiting. Manaylo refused painting on canvas, used as a basis (for painting with acrylic and oil paints) a plexiglass panel. Some Genesis paintings have a mirror-shiny surface, thanks to a transparent epoxy coating. All paintings in the series have LED backlighting, which can be controlled through the application to the smartphone. This can serve as an additional element of the design of lighting the environment, which meets not only the latest trends in interior design, but also fully corresponds to the modern practice of the universal digitalization of our lives.

The series of Genesis paintings created by Andrew Manaylo is a vivid example of successfully overcoming the next step in the creative path, implementing a successful creative search, creative approach to solving pictorial and technical problems, the embodiment of long, deep, philosophical reflections on the essence of our being, on the path of human development and understanding of our individual place in it.

Viktoria Manajlo-Prykhodko,

Art critic, Hungary

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“Andrew’s work is so expressive and skillfully composed, there is no wonder that he is garnering much interest and that his pictures are already in museum collections.
In all my years as a curator and collector, I have rarely come across an artist of his caliber.”

- H.V. (New York, NY)

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