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painter, mentor, and cultural advocate

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Shaping Art and Culture: My Journey as a Painter, Mentor, and Cultural Advocate

"My artistic mission transcends the boundaries of canvas and color. It is a commitment to imparting my rich experience and knowledge to emerging artists, guiding them in finding their unique voice in the vast world of art.

Rooted in my deep Ruthenian heritage, my work and teachings also aim to fortify and celebrate this cultural identity, bringing its essence to the global stage. Through my art, lectures, and educational endeavors, I strive to create a lasting impact, not only in the realm of art but also in the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity and understanding."

- Andrew Manaylo.



Artistic Vision

Art, for me is a conduit of emotion and a reflection of the soul. My journey from classic forms to the bold realm of abstract art embodies my quest for deeper emotional expression. In each piece, I seek to capture the intangible – feelings, thoughts, and the human experience – translating these into a visual language that speaks universally.

Mentoring Philosophy

As a mentor, my philosophy is rooted in encouraging artistic exploration and personal expression. I believe in guiding emerging artists to discover their unique style, drawing from their experiences and cultural backgrounds. My approach is not about imparting a specific technique, but rather about nurturing the creative spirit that resides within each artist.

Art Courses and Philosophical Discourses

In the art courses I lead, I blend practical drawing and painting techniques with philosophical discourses on art. These discussions are integral, as they help students not just in honing their skills but also in shaping their individual creative visions. It is a journey where technique meets thought, and where each brushstroke is as much about expression as it is about execution.

This blend of practical and philosophical teaching enriches the learning experience, encouraging students to explore not just the 'how' but also the 'why' behind their artistic endeavors.

Museum Visits and History of Art

An essential part of my teaching involves visiting museums. Here, students gain invaluable insight into the history of art. By studying the works of key artists and examining their careers, we connect past artistic achievements with contemporary creative pursuits. These visits are not just educational tours; they are immersive experiences that deepen the understanding and appreciation of art in its historical context. 

Additionally, these excursions provide a tangible connection to art history, allowing students to experience firsthand the evolution of artistic styles and techniques over time.

International Creative Camps

Organization and Purpose

I organize international creative camps specifically for artists of Ruthenian origin on the idyllic shores of Lake Balaton during the summer. These Art Symposiums, open to artists selected by a professional jury, are a celebration of Ruthenian fine arts. My goal in hosting these events is to strengthen and propagate Ruthenian culture's distinct artistic expressions on an international stage.


Interactions and Opportunities

These symposiums offer a unique platform for artists ranging from young beginners to established professionals. They provide a space for direct interaction, idea exchange, and informal reflections. These gatherings are enriched by the presence of art historians and gallery representatives, offering artists a valuable opportunity to establish direct contacts and professional networks.


Final Exhibition and Professional Days

The culmination of these camps is marked by professional days and a final exhibition. These events not only showcase the artists' creations but also foster connections with art professionals, further amplifying the reach and impact of Ruthenian art and culture.


Judging Panels and Art Foundations

Throughout my career, I have been deeply involved with various art foundations and played a significant role in art judging panels. These experiences have not only broadened my artistic horizons but also fostered a deeper connection with the global art community, enriching my journey as an artist and mentor.

My contributions include:

- 2007-2014: Organizer and Chairman of the selection jury for international art symposiums of Ruthenian artists on Lake Balaton, Hungary.

- 2007-2014: Chairman of the jury, appointed by the Ruthenian self-government of Hungary, for selecting paintings for the Museum Collection of International Contemporary Rusyn Art.

- Sinse 2010: organizer of the Pannonian World Cultural Association and permanent chairman of its selection jury board.

- Since 2014: A jury member for the International Rusyn Biennale, invited by the World Council of Rusyns.

- Since 2019: Permanent Chairman of the jury board for the Ivan Manaylo Prize “Pro Arte Ruthenorum,” invited by the World Congress of Rusyns.


Professional Affiliations

- Member of the World Academy of Rusyn Culture.

- Member of the Municipal Art Society of New York.

- Member of The Artists' Guild of the Boca Raton Museum of Art."


These experiences as an organizer, chairman, and jury member for various art foundations and events have greatly enriched my professional journey. They have provided me with unique opportunities to engage with a diverse range of artistic talents and perspectives, enhancing my understanding of the evolving art world.

This involvement has not only broadened my professional network but also deepened my appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultural art, especially within the Ruthenian community. These roles have allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the preservation and celebration of cultural heritage through art, affirming my commitment to both artistic excellence and cultural advocacy.

Research: "Manaylo Painting Dynasty in Global Ruthenian Culture"

Introduction to the Study

This comprehensive research delves into the artistic legacy of the Manaylo family across three generations, underscoring their significant influence in the Carpatho-Rusyn world culture. The study highlights the pivotal role the Manaylo family played in the spiritual and national revival of the Subcarpathian Carpatho-Rusyns, contributing to their emergence as an independent nation.


Significance and Objectives

The main goal of this study is to showcase the uniqueness of the Carpatho-Rusyn national revival, particularly its expression in fine arts on a European level. It objectively evaluates the contributions of Fedor, Ivan, Andrew, and Victoria Manaylo to the Carpatho-Rusyn culture, establishing their indispensable place in its history.


Contributions and Acknowledgements

I extend my gratitude to Victoria Manaylo-Prihodko and Professor Paul Robert Magocsi for their invaluable contributions to this research. Their expertise has significantly enriched the exploration of this topic.


Impact and Dedication

This work aims not only to illuminate a crucial aspect of Carpatho-Rusyn culture but also to aid in its national revival, preservation, development, and global popularization.

It is a tribute to the enduring legacy of my father, Ivan, and my grandfather, Fedor, who have been the bedrock of my artistic and cultural journey.

You can read the full study HERE 


Lectures on Art and Ruthenian Culture

The acclaim and insights gained from my study, 'Manaylo Painting Dynasty in Universal Ruthenian Culture,' have opened doors to numerous lecture opportunities. Recognized by historians, slavists, culturologists, and art historians, this work has deepened my understanding of Carpatho-Rusyn culture and history.

As Ruthenian fine art is an underexplored yet vital facet of our universal culture, with dynasties like the Manaylos offering a unique perspective, I receive invitations from Ruthenian communities and art institutions globally to deliver lectures based on my book's material. These engagements will allow me to further share and illuminate the rich, dynamic heritage of Ruthenian art and culture.


Leadership and Cultural Advocacy

As the president of the National Ruthenian Self-Government in Hungary, I have actively contributed to public life, echoing the legacy of my forefathers. 
In addition to representing the interests of the Ruthenian nationality at the state level, my role extended to being a delegate and deputy at various World and European Congresses of the Carpatho-Rusyns.

My leadership also involved coordinating international Carpatho-Rusyn Creative Symposiums for children and adult painters at Lake Balaton, establishing an international collection of Carpatho-Rusyn artworks, organizing numerous informative conferences and cultural events, and publishing various works to strengthen the Rusyn identity. 
Additionally, I initiated and organized the construction of the Greek Catholic Wooden Church in Máriapócs, Hungary – a Ruthenian pilgrimage site – and co-founded the Public Benefit Association For the Culture of the Carpathian Region. 
In collaboration with the World Congress of Rusyns, I played a key role in establishing the Ivan Manaylo Prize 'Pro Arte Ruthenorum' - a prestigious Ruthenian cultural award.

Through these efforts, I have pursued my deep commitment to preserving and promoting Carpatho-Rusyn identity and culture globally.

Recognition and Awards

Pro Cultura Minoritatum Hungariae Award

In 2018, I was honored with the 'Pro Cultura Minoritatum Hungariae' State Award, a testament to my dedication in the field of Ruthenian national education and culture. Bestowed by Professor Dr. Miklos Kaszler, Minister of The Human Resources Ministry, this prestigious recognition underscores my commitment as an artist and cultural advocate, reflecting the national roots and universal art legacy that define my work.


Other Honors

- 2014: Received the International Award 'For Outstanding Contribution to the World of Ruthenian Art', bestowed by the World Council of Rusyns.

- 2010: Awarded “Most Promising Emerging Talent” by the Pannonian World Association.

- 2007: The "Antal Hodinka Award" awarded by the General Assembly of the National Ruthenian Self-Government - for activities in the field of Ruthenian culture, preservation of traditions, mother tongue and Greek Catholic values.

Receiving these honors, particularly the 'Pro Cultura Minoritatum Hungariae' State Award, is deeply meaningful to me as it represents a recognition of my efforts to enrich and preserve Ruthenian culture through art and education. These accolades reinforce my commitment to my cultural mission – to ensure that the rich heritage and unique identity of the Ruthenian people are celebrated and understood globally. They inspire me to continue my work in promoting Ruthenian art and culture, furthering my contributions to the international art world and the Ruthenian community.

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