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Dance of Colors & Emotions

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

"Ever been to a painting party where the subconscious is the life of the event? That's 'Soul Vibrations' by Andrew Manaylo for you! It's a celebration of internal journeys, a high-wire act with paintbrushes, and an orchestra of colors set to music. Each canvas invites you to a dance, a dialogue, and a dive into the depths of an artist's soul. Come, feel the rhythm!"

Charlotte Nichols - Art writer

Andrew Manaylo's 'Soul Vibrations': Dance of Colors & Emotions

Playing with Colors and Emotions: The Heartbeat of Andrew Manaylo's 'Soul Vibrations'

Welcome aboard the emotion-coaster, where Andrew Manaylo's paintbrush takes you on a wild ride. If you're not up for a journey that twists and turns through the artist's soul, buckle up anyway - this isn't your grandmother's gallery visit!

The "Soul Vibrations" series by Manaylo isn't your typical stroll in the art park. This is where the artist moonwalks into his painting, waltzing with colors and textures. His rhythm seeps into the canvas, organizing what seems to be a rebellious, colorful uprising.

Manaylo, a connoisseur of emotions, gives his paintings a unique voice. They don't just 'speak' - they shout, whisper, laugh, and even sob. Just like jazz, they're energetic one minute and calming the next. And it's all guided by an internal symphony of spontaneous and subconscious impulses, like an artist's version of 'Simon Says.'

You know the age-old adage, 'an artist always leaves a piece of himself in his work?' Well, Manaylo takes this to a whole new level with 'Soul Vibrations.' It's like he steps inside the painting, infusing each stroke and texture with a piece of his soul. It's not just an artwork; it's a manifestation of his character, a map of his emotional landscape, and a painting party where his subconscious is the life of the event.

Now, what's unique about his 'Soul Vibrations' series? These aren't your typical 'seen-it-before' abstract expressionism. This is the equivalent of going from grayscale to technicolor. If his earlier "Côte d'Azur" series was a tribute to the colors and moods of nature, 'Soul Vibrations' is an unabashed celebration of his internal journey, splashed across each canvas with an intuitive use of colors.

Want to know the secret sauce of these paintings? It's the amalgamation of dynamic gestures, the unraveling of color relationships, and the balancing act between randomness and purpose. It's like watching a high-wire artist juggling with paintbrushes - you can't help but be captivated.

Music also has a backstage pass to Manaylo's painting process. Whether it's energetic jazz or calming classical tunes, music sets the stage, fueling his imagination and setting the rhythm of his brushstrokes. It's like he's not just creating art but also conducting an orchestra of colors.

Manaylo's paintings don't come with instructions; they're an emotional treasure hunt. Some see their own reflections, others find answers to their silent questions, and for the rest, it's an invitation to a dance with emotions. Whatever it is, each painting is like a personal dialogue with the viewer.

'Soul Vibrations' is a step towards unconventional working methods and attitudes, embracing the artist's will and creative energy. Just like a magician revealing his tricks, Manaylo's pieces show you the chaos behind the magic, the controlled spontaneity of each stroke, and how he bends traditional compositions into a roller coaster of emotions.

Also, Manaylo is no stranger to innovation. He has a special trick up his sleeve - perimeter lighting. Imagine an art piece that changes moods with you. Using your phone, you can control the illumination color to reflect your mood, making these paintings a mood ring of the 21st century.

These illuminations aren't just about being fancy. They add an exciting dimension, emphasizing the relief of the painting, unveiling hidden accents, and becoming an interactive part of the viewer's journey. It's like getting a chance to play dress-up with the artwork!

So, if you're looking to connect with the essence of an artist, find an emotional echo, or just love a splash of color that dances to its own rhythm, Andrew Manaylo's 'Soul Vibrations' is your front-row ticket to a unique emotional extravaganza. Here, art isn't just seen, it's felt and experienced, taking you on a whirlwind tour of an artist's soul - all from the comfort of your living room.

Charlotte Nichols

Art writer, Los Angeles, CA

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