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An Evening in the Magic of Art: Thanks for the Shared Moments!

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

"An unforgettable evening where art, art patrons, and inspiration met - thank you for being a part of this journey!" - Andrew Manaylo

Dear Friends, Art Lovers!

It was a great pleasure and honor for me to have so many of you joined my "Abstract Journey" at the opening of my exhibition.

The intimate and uplifting atmosphere, the deeply appreciative words of Dr. Gábor Bellák, the chief museologist of the Hungarian National Gallery, the unwavering support of my collectors, and the genuine interest and recognition of the attendees are invaluable to me.

This evening was not only a celebration of art but also the moment when I felt that my art truly connects us. The fact that so many of you honored me with your presence and show interest in my art gives me incredible inspiration and strength for further creations.

I've attached a short video- and photo summary of the opening ceremony, and I hope it will evoke pleasant memories for all of us.

And I will ensure that we can celebrate art together again soon!

With sincere thanks and love:

Andrew Manaylo

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