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Paintings for sale - Art - Andrew Manaylo paintings - "Whispers of Manhattan" - abstract art - interior design - Festmény – Manajló András festmények – "Manhattan Suttogásai" - absztrakt festmény – lakberendezés - eladó festmények



Andrew Manaylo
“Whispers of Manhattan”
Midnight Jazz art series

Paintings for sale - Art - Andrew Manaylo paintings - "Whispers of Manhattan" - Midnight Jazz art series - abstract art - interior design

150 x 200 cm / diptych, mixed media on aluminum panel, backlight, 2023.

(Catalogue Number: DSC_4171-72)

The Ruby and the PearlBranford Marsalis Quartet
00:00 / 08:54

About the Artwork:

"In the silent hours of Manhattan's midnight, I heard the city's soulful symphony — a melody of dreams, desires, and the timeless dance of jazz. It was this haunting whisper that breathed life into my painting, capturing the essence of a city both restless and resplendent."

The painting was created with acrylic paints on a uniquely textured composite aluminum panel.

Thanks to the use of spacers, the artwork “floats” on the wall in an aura of beautiful light, made possible by the app-controlled LED backlighting.

Interest-Free Financing and Worldwide Shipping Available.

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"In Andrew Manaylo's "Whispers of Manhattan," the viewer is immediately immersed in a symphonic ballet of textures and tones, reminiscent of the ethereal energy of New York's nocturnal jazz scene. The sprawling canvas is adorned with tumultuous strokes of stark white, which evoke the frenetic luminosity of Manhattan's skyline against the velvety obsidian of night. The subtle interplay of burnt oranges and shimmering golds provide a momentary warmth, like the fleeting glow of streetlights reflecting on rain-soaked pavements or the intimate amber of a saxophone's tune wafting from an underground club.


The artwork's brooding layers of dark, inky undertones, juxtaposed against the luminescent palette, bring forth a raw, visceral emotion—capturing the ever-present tension and passion that is synonymous with New York's heartbeat. Intricately woven fragments of bold and delicate gestures, like the distant murmurs and exuberant shouts of a city that never sleeps, seem to echo through the painting.


Manaylo, with "Whispers of Manhattan," crafts an ode to the Midnight Jazz era, presenting a metropolis that, beneath its unyielding facade, whispers secrets and stories to those who dare to listen closely. It is a masterful articulation of rhythm, resonance, and the romanticism of urban nights."

Harrison Calloway,

Art critic, New York

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