„Transmitting a surge of emotions through an expressive combination of colors and textures, I immerse myself in the interpretation of instinctive symbolism, especially that goes beyond just aesthetic conditions.

I am always inspired by how a painting can evoke in one’s unconsciousness a certain sense of mystery, intimacy and reverence.”

Art Collection "GENESIS"

On Rotschild's wall, between Dalí and Warhol

"Andrew Manaylo began his career as the third member of a Ruthenian painter dynasty. He studied from the greatest masters at the classical painters' Academies. 
At the middle of his life, comparable to a roller coaster ride, having received state recognition and international success with paintings, with billionaire buyers and patrons behind his back, he courageously stepped away from the academic painting traditions. Now he is bliss-fully swimming in avant-garde trends of form and content, and approaches a new, wider horizon with strong strokes."

Diplomatic Magazine

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