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Andrew Manaylo

“For me the process of creating the painting - is a surge of emotions, transmitted on canvas through the expressive combination of colors and textures. 

Enjoying the creative process, I always strive to find new forms of self-expression, where reality and playful imagination intertwine."

“...The main feature of Andrew Manaylo's works is their vitality, the bundle of vital energy and force, the spontaneity of their temperament. This is something that is given to an artist from above. It is a gift that will always find the possibility to reveal itself independently of the language it chooses.” 

Nikita D. Lobanov-Rostovsky 

Advisor to the auction house "Christie's" and to "Sotheby's" 

Member of the Board of Directors' of "Association of Theatre Museum" in London

On Rotschild's wall, between Dalí and Warhol

"Andrew Manaylo began his career as the third member of a Ruthenian painter dynasty. He studied from the greatest masters at the classical painters' Academies. 
At the middle of his life, comparable to a roller coaster ride, having received state recognition and international success with paintings, with billionaire buyers and patrons behind his back, he courageously stepped away from the academic painting traditions. Now he is bliss-fully swimming in avant-garde trends of form and content, and approaches a new, wider horizon with strong strokes."

Diplomatic Magazine

"A work of art which did not begin in emotion - is not art"

Paul Cezanne

Collector Testimonials

and some inspirational ideas for interior design 

“Andrew’s work is so expressive and skillfully composed, there is no wonder that he is garnering much interest and that his pictures are already in museum collections.
In all my years as a curator and collector, I have rarely come across an artist of his caliber.”


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