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Andrew Manaylo
“Rhythmic Resonance”
Midnight Jazz art series

Paintings for sale - Art - Andrew Manaylo paintings - "Rhythmic Resonance" - Midnight Jazz art series - abstract art - interior design

100 x 300 cm / diptych, mixed media on aluminum panel, backlight, 2023.

(Catalogue Number: DSC_4046-47)

EndymionBranford Marsalis Quartet
00:00 / 09:18

About the Artwork:

"In "Rhythmic Resonance," part of the Midnight Jazz Art Series, I sought to embody the interplay of jazz's soulful rhythms and the rich symbolism of Rusyn folklore. This piece is a harmonious fusion of freedom, expression, and tradition.

The spontaneous shapes and dynamic colors improvise the spontaneity of jazz music, while the elements of Rusyn patterns imply deep cultural roots. My intention was to create a visual jazz on the canvas that marries instinctive rhythms with folklore motifs, allowing room for intuitive creation and nostalgia.

The vigorous contrasts and subtle details offer not just a spectacle for the eyes but also a resonance for the soul. The entire work is a metaphor for the harmony between creative expression and cultural identity, inspiring the viewer to immerse themselves in the converging world of music and art."


– Andrew Manaylo

The painting was created with acrylic paints on a uniquely textured composite aluminum panel.

Thanks to the use of spacers, the artwork “floats” on the wall in an aura of beautiful light, made possible by the app-controlled LED backlighting.


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"In 'Rhythmic Resonance,' Andrew Manaylo masterfully orchestrates a canvas that pulsates with life and emotion. This artwork stands as a testament to the power of music and heritage, where every brushstroke seems to dance to the soulful rhythms of jazz, and every hue is imbued with the rich symbolism of Rusyn folklore. Manaylo's genius lies in his ability to create a harmonious blend of freedom, expression, and tradition, crafting a visual symphony that speaks to the heart. The painting is a journey, a deep dive into a world where contemporary artistry meets age-old tales, resulting in a masterpiece that resonates with both passion and reverence. 'Rhythmic Resonance' is not just a testament to Manaylo's prowess as an artist, but also a reflection of his deep connection to music and heritage. It's a captivating blend of past and present, making it an essential piece for any art lover's collection."

Harrison Calloway,

Art critic, New York

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