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Paintings for sale - Art - Andrew Manaylo paintings - "Legends in Jazz" - abstract art - interior design - Festmény – Manajló András festmények – "Legendák a Jazzben" - absztrakt festmény – lakberendezés - eladó festmények



Andrew Manaylo
“Legends in Jazz”
Midnight Jazz art series

Paintings for sale - Art - Andrew Manaylo paintings - "Legends in Jazz" - Midnight Jazz art series - abstract art - interior design

150 x 400 cm / poliptych, mixed media on aluminum panel, backlight, 2023.

(Catalogue Number: DSC_4146-50)

About the Artwork:

"With 'Legends in Jazz', I ventured into a realm where modern artistry meets age-old legends. The rhythmic patterns of jazz melodies are juxtaposed with the haunting echoes of Rusyn tales, creating a masterpiece of intertwined histories."

The painting was created with acrylic paints on a uniquely textured composite aluminum panel.

Thanks to the use of spacers, the artwork “floats” on the wall in an aura of beautiful light, made possible by the app-controlled LED backlighting.

Interest-Free Financing and Worldwide Shipping Available.

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"In 'Legends in Jazz', Andrew Manaylo crafts a visual odyssey that transcends time and tradition. This painting is a masterclass in how modern artistry can beautifully intersect with age-old legends. The canvas pulsates with the vibrant rhythms of jazz, while simultaneously echoing with the haunting whispers of Rusyn tales. It's a rare artwork that captures the essence of two disparate worlds, yet Manaylo achieves this with a finesse that's truly commendable. Every brushstroke in this piece tells a story, every hue resonates with a memory. 'Legends in Jazz' is not just a testament to Manaylo's prowess as an artist, but also a reflection of his deep reverence for history and heritage. In a world of fleeting contemporary art, this painting stands out as a timeless masterpiece, weaving together the melodies of jazz with the legends of yore. It's a captivating journey through intertwined histories, making it an indispensable gem for any art aficionado."

Harrison Calloway,

Art critic, New York

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