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Andrew Manaylo
“Ethereal Musings”
Soul Vibrations Art Series

Paintings for sale - Art - Andrew Manaylo paintings - "Ethereal Musings" – Soul Vibrations art series - abstract art - interior design

100 x 150 cm, oil paints on an aluminum panel, backlight, 2023.

(Catalogue Number: DSC_4226)

About the Artwork:

"In this vivid composition from the 'Soul Vibrations' series, entitled "Ethereal Musings", I traversed the elusive boundaries between the tangible world and the intangible essence of our being. The bold strokes and contrasting colors reflect the chaos and harmony that dance within the depths of the human spirit, a testament to the complex emotions that pulse through the veins of existence.

The artwork is a cascade of raw, unbridled energy, embodying the frenetic pulse of life juxtaposed against the serene whispers of the soul. Swirls of darkness intermingle with splashes of light, capturing the eternal struggle and coexistence of doubt and clarity. It is a visual metaphor for the cerebral symphony that plays in the quiet moments of reflection.

Inspiration for "Ethereal Musings" sprang from the profound silences that speak louder than words, the moments of solitude that resonate with the echoes of thoughts and feelings. This piece is an invitation to the viewer to delve into their own psyche, to explore the labyrinth of their inner world, and to find beauty in the complexity of their own emotions. The painting stands as a beacon for introspection, a map to navigate the intricate corridors of the soul's vibrations."

The painting was created with oil paints on a uniquely textured composite aluminum panel.

Thanks to the use of spacers, the artwork “floats” on the wall in an aura of beautiful light, made possible by the app-controlled LED backlighting.

Interest-Free Financing and Worldwide Shipping Available.

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"Ethereal Musings" by Andrew Manaylo emerges as a profound narrative within the Soul Vibrations series, eloquently articulating the intangible essence of our inner reveries. Manaylo masterfully employs a dynamic interplay of form and void, a visual symphony where negative space is as potent as the assertive strokes that traverse the canvas. His palette is restrained yet expressive; the subdued tonalities whisper of the ineffable, while deliberate infusions of vibrant hues articulate the epiphanies of consciousness that pierce through the mundane.


The composition is a labyrinthine exploration of psyche and spirit, where abstracted elements coalesce in a delicate dance of chaos and order. Manaylo's textural diversity—a mélange of impasto that coexists with svelte glazes—mirrors the complexity of human emotion. This abstract painting can activate the space it inhabits, inviting the observer into a contemplative dialogue. "Ethereal Musings" stands as a testament to the boundless territories of the mind, an atlas of the soul rendered visible."

Alessandro Ferrara

Art critic, Milan, Italy

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