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Andrew Manaylo
“Between Chaos and Order”
Genesis Art Series

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100 x 100 cm, mixed media on plexiglass panel, backlight, 2020.

(Catalogue Number: IMG-4328)

About the Artwork:

"In the dance of the cosmos, I've always been captivated by the delicate balance that holds our universe together. With 'Between Chaos and Order' painting, I endeavored to capture that fragile moment where serenity meets turmoil, and where the raw essence of existence emerges from the shadows, seeking light and meaning."

The painting was created by combining oil and acrylic paints on a uniquely textured plexiglass panel, which was then coated with a clear layer of epoxy resin.

Thanks to the use of spacers, the artwork “floats” on the wall in an aura of beautiful light, made possible by the app-controlled LED backlighting.


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"Andrew Manaylo's 'Between Chaos and Order' from the Genesis Art Series offers an evocative journey into the very essence of duality inherent in the universe. The canvas bristles with electric tension, embodying the delicate equilibrium that teeters between the disarray of primordial instincts and the meticulous cadence of structured existence. The luminescent green aples, as orbs reminiscent of unblinking eyes, serve as both sentinels and sages, casting their gaze upon a world wrought with contrasts. The burnished hues of amber and deep, inky blacks juxtapose against a vast expanse of silvery-white, suggesting the tumultuous dance of creation itself. Manaylo's genius lies in his ability to encapsulate vast, cosmic ideas onto a single plane, challenging the viewer to not only observe but to introspectively engage with the eternal push and pull between anarchy and symmetry."

Harrison Calloway

Art critic, New York City, NY

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