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Andrew Manaylo
“The Vibrant Dance of Existence”
Genesis Art Series

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100 x 100 cm, mixed media on plexiglass panel, backlight, 2020.

(Catalogue Number: IMG-4322)

About the Artwork:

“My “The Vibrant Dance of Existence” painting is a reflection of the philosophical musings about our existence, human progress, and our individual place in it. The creative surge that dictates the rhythm in my art, creates a dynamic vortex of emotions, igniting vibrant colored reflections."

The painting was created with a combination of oil and acrylic paints on a plexiglass panel with unusual surface texture, coated with clear epoxy resin.

The artwork is “floated” on the wall by spacers and surrounded by an aura of beautiful light - thanks to the app-controlled LED backlight.


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„Manaylo's artwork reveals an intimate exploration of personal experiences and feelings. His strokes are robust yet fluid, capturing a unique sense of pictorial lightness. His paintings for sale offer dynamic vortexes of emotions, creating evocative atmospheres that ignite with a myriad of colored reflections.”

Harrison Calloway

Art critic, New York City, NY

Red Dot Miami Art Show - Manaylo
Artexpo New York - Manaylo
LA Art Show - Manaylo
Monaco Yacht Show - Manaylo
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