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Andrew Manaylo
“The Aesthetic of Existence”
Genesis Art Series

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100 x 100 cm, mixed media on plexiglass panel, backlight, 2020.

(Catalogue Number: IMG-4306)

About the Artwork:

"Throughout my journey as an artist, I've grappled with the profound question of existence. In 'The Aesthetic of Existence', I sought to embody the intricate dance of chaos and order that shapes our universe. Every brushstroke, every hue is a reflection of the passions, conflicts, and harmonies that define life. I wanted to create a painting that speaks to the soul, urging the observer to pause and ponder the beautiful complexities of our existence."

The painting was created by combining oil and acrylic paints on a uniquely textured plexiglass panel, which was then coated with a clear layer of epoxy resin.

Thanks to the use of spacers, the artwork “floats” on the wall in an aura of beautiful light, made possible by the app-controlled LED backlighting.


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"In 'The Aesthetic of Existence' from the Genesis Art Series, Andrew Manaylo catapults the observer into a tempestuous symphony of creation and cognition. The canvas becomes an electrifying battleground where chaos and serenity, abstraction and precision, coalesce in a tantalizing dance. Swirling whirlwinds of muted grays and electrifying blues embody the very tumult of existence, evoking a sense of cosmic disorder, only to be anchored by the deliberate presence of rich, lustrous apples—vivid harbingers of life and the cycles of existence.


The stark verticals, seemingly bisecting the scene, hint at both division and connection, evoking a contemporary contemplation on the dualities that define our modern existence. These linear elements juxtapose against the ethereal brushstrokes, creating a dialogue between the structured and the spontaneous, a meditation on the perennial tensions between nature and nurture, order and entropy.


Manaylo's palette choice, with its predomination of cool tones punctuated by searing bursts of warmth, is evocative. It mirrors the dichotomies inherent in life: passion amidst tranquility, vibrancy against desolation. 'The Aesthetic of Existence' is not just a visual treat; it's a profound introspection into the philosophical underpinnings of life, an artistic odyssey that beckons viewers to delve deep into the intricacies of existence itself."

Harrison Calloway

Art critic, New York City, NY

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