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Andrew Manaylo
“GENESIS No. 216”
Genesis Art Series

Andrew Manaylo - Manajló András - Genesis No. 216 - abstract art art paintings festmény festmények absztrakt festmény painting drawings artwork art for sale paintings for sale interior design fine art contemporary art artist visual art original art for sale original art absztrakt festmény absztrakt absztrakt festmények eladó festmények kortárs festmények

100 x 120 cm, mixed media on canvas, 2019.

(Catalogue Number: IMG-4216)

About the Artwork:

“Art series of my Genesis paintings - is the realization of a creative search for a form of embodiment of long, deep, philosophical reflections on the essence of our being, on the path of human development and understanding of our individual place in it."

The painting was created with a combination of oil and acrylic paints on gallery wrapped canvas with unusual surface texture.

Interest-Free Financing and Worldwide Shipping Available.

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„Andrew Manaylo's paintings are personal and full of emotion. They emerge from feverish, fast and energetic brushworks that seem to leak experiences and feelings, creating an extraordinary pictorial lightness. His artworks engage viewers with a dynamic vortex of emotions, igniting a thousand colored reflections and making each painting an evocative atmosphere in itself.”

Harrison Calloway

Art critic, New York City, NY

Red Dot Miami Art Show - Manaylo
Artexpo New York - Manaylo
LA Art Show - Manaylo
Monaco Yacht Show - Manaylo
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