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“With my artworks I strive to convey thoughts and those fine substances which we mark as emotions, feelings and the whiffles of soul."

Andrew Manaylo



Mr.  Manaylo (born in Uzhgorod, Subcarpathia, Ukraine) is a third generation Ruthenian painter from a dynasty of successful artists. His grandfather, Fedor Manaylo - the National Artist of Ukraine and one of the founding fathers of the Trans-Carpathian school of fine arts along with his father Ivan, played an outstanding role in the history of fine arts in this historic region. Andrew was not only trained by his “family school,” but also at prestigious institutions as the Lviv Academy of Fine Arts (Ukraine) and the St. Petersburg Repin Academy of Fine Arts (Russia) - where he was able to expand his spirit of artistic professionalism and carry on a family tradition with a contemporary approach.

His broad education allows him to encompass and combine the traditional and optimistic palette central to the Trans-Carpathian school of fine arts, the constructional laconism which is a characteristic feature of the Lviv artistic environment, and the academic precision for which the Russian Petersburg School is famous.  The importance of this style of art is without measure as the Ruthenians are a small people without any statehood and constantly threatened by assimilation and in danger of disappearing for good. They are scattered all over the world, but the bulk still live in the center of Europe at the base of the beautiful Carpathians.  There are approximately 1.5 million Ruthenians in Europe today.

There have been a number of Ruthenian Americans that have made names for themselves over the years such as actresses Sandra Dee, Lizabeth Scott, actor Robert Urich, boxer Pete Latzo, Marine Sgt. Michael Strank, who raised the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima, composer Peter Wilhousky, but none as widely recognized as artist Andy Warhol.  Because of his international success, Warhol helps to improve the knowledge and struggle of Ruthenians and their problems in Europe to this day.

Expanding this history, Mr. Manaylo is once again creating excitement and narrative adding to the Ruthenian legacy.  His dedication to the arts and his ancestors is what make Andrew such an exciting artist to watch. He utilizes his traditional and contemporary teachings and through this language of the arts he conveys his thoughts, emotions, feelings and personality to create his own unique language on canvas.  A substantial portion of his works are painted with dark yet exuberant pigments filling the background and central personages.  For paintings with such depth and darkness his canvasses glitter with unexpected color.

While many are attracted to his palette and strong canvasses, others are captured by his ability to render a variety of genres, topical richness together with conceptual compositions from modern day to mythology. His love of everything beautiful shows in his nudes, landscapes and still lifes.  His female characters hold you spellbound with their special chastity and charm, illustrative of Serov’s art.  His city landscapes personify perfection of architectural ensembles yet at the same time his blotted silhouettes and the absence of details strangely demonstrate the grandiosity of the space and the coloration of the city.  The same soft colors, clearness and refined esthetics define the painter’s still lifes.  Their characteristic feature is a refined opposition of form and volume.

Andrew, is one of the most generously gifted representatives of the Ruthenian painter dynasty.  Beyond his art, he is a compassionate artist who has dedicated himself to furthering the Ruthenian culture.   Mr. Manaylo has been the head of the Ruthenian Self-Government in Hungary, was a delegate of the Ruthenians to their World and European congresses, and initiated the construction of a Greek Catholic wooden church in Máriapócs, Hungary. He also organizes international creative symposiums for Ruthenian children and adults on Lake Balaton (Hungary) and finally, is the founding father and the president of the Association for the Culture of the Carpathian Region.

Nikita D. Lobanov-Rostovsky

Advisor to the auction house "Christie’s" and (subsequently, from 1992 to 1997) to "Sotheby's"

Member of the Board of Directors' of "Association of Theatre Museum" in London,

Life Member of the Union of benefactors of the Museum "Metropolitan" in New York,

board member of the "Institute of Modern Russian Culture" in Los Angeles (CA),

a member of the "Association of American scholars of Russian origin" in New York,

board member of the "International Foundation of Arts and Education" in Washington,

honorary doctor of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts

Professional studies:

  • 2011-2015 – professional advanced training courses at the faculty of painting and drawing of the Russian Academy of Art in St. Petersburg (Russian Federation);-

  • 1991-1993 – graphic design faculty of the Polygraphic Academy, Lviv (Ukraine);

  • 1987-1991 – batik decoration faculty of the Academy of Applied Arts, Lviv (Ukraine);

  • 1985-1987 – faculty of decorative metal treatment at the College of Applied Arts, Uzhgorod (Ukraine).

Museum collections:


  • Museum of Ruthenian Fine Arts, Budapest / Hungary-

  • Museum collection of Art Eastern Europe Association, Zug / Switzerland

  • Museum of Theater Arts, Moscow / Russian Federation



  • 2018 - "Pro Cultura Minoritatum Hungariae” – State Award for outstanding achievement on field of national education and culture. Bestowed by the minister of human resources;

  • 2014 - International Award 'For Outstanding Contribution to the World of Ruthenian Art”. Bestowed by the World Council of Rusyns;

  • 2010 - “Most Promising Emerging Talent” awarded by the Pannonian World Association.

  • 2007 -  The "Antal Hodinka Award" bestowed by the General Assembly of the National Ruthenian Self-Government - for activities in the field of Ruthenian culture, preservation of traditions, mother tongue and Greek Catholic values.

Professional jury memberships:


  • 2007-2014 – organizer and chairman of the selection jury of international art symposiums of Ruthenian artists on Lake Balaton (Hungary);

  • 2007-2014 – at the invitation of the Ruthenian self-government of Hungary – chairman of the jury for the selection of paintings to the Museum Collection of International Contemporary Rusyn Art;

  • Since 2014 – at the repeated invitation from the World Council of Rusyns – a member of the jury panel for the selection of artworks for the International Rusyn Biennale;

  • Since 2019 – at the invitation of the World Congress of Rusyns – permanent Chairman of the jury board for the Ivan Manaylo Prize “Pro Arte Ruthenorum”.

  • Member of World Academy of Rusyn Culture;

  • Member of the Municipal Art Society of New York;

  • Member of The Artists' Guild of the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

Selected collections:


  • Municipal collection of canton Zug / Switzerland;

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Hungarian State Collection / Hungary;

  • Mészáros family Fine Art Collection / Hungary;

  • Robert Harris Rothschild collection / USA;

  • Imre Pakh collection, New York / USA;

  • Ahmed Al Yafei collection, Abu Dhabi / UAE;

  • Municipal collection of Vác / Hungary;

  • Ibragimov Alijan collection, Berne / Switzerland;

  • Benza György collection / Hungary;

  • Dr. Nagy János private collection / Hungary;

  • Pamela J Nigro & William K Noda private collection / USA;

  • Blake & Lisa Stichter private collection / USA.

Selected publications:


  • 2019 - Diplomat Magazine – On Rotschild’s wall, between Dalí and Warhol;

  • 2017 - Andrew Manaylo – Manaylo Dynasty in Rusyn Culture;

  • 2014 - Dr. Lyavinecz Marianna – Ruthenian Painters in Hungary;

  • 2012 - Dupka György – Magyar művészet Kárpátalján;

  • 2006 - Ivan Pop – Encyclopedia of Subcarpathian Rus.

The main exhibitions:


  • 2023-2024 – Hungary, Vác – Tragor Ignác Museum 'The Music of Colors: Andrew Manaylo's Abstract Journey' – personal exhibition;

  • 2023 – USA, Chicago (IL) – Old Town Art Fair – group exhibition;

  • 2023 – USA, Des Moines (IA) – Des Moines Art Fair – group exhibition;

  • 2022 – Hungary, Budapest – Deak Palace – personal exhibition;

  • 2022 – USA, Seattle (WA) – Bellevue Arts Museum – group exhibition;

  • 2022 – France, Nice – Gravis Art Galerie – solo exhibition;

  • 2020 - Hungary, Budapest - ArtUnion Gallery - jubilee solo exhibition;

  • 2019 - Monaco Monaco Yacht Show – group exhibition;

  • 2019 - USA, Miami (FL), Red Dot Miami  – group exhibition;

  • 2019 – USA, Artexpo New York;

  • 2018 – USA, Chicago (IL) – Charity solo exhibition for Make-A-Wish® Illinois organization;

  • 2018 – USA, Houston (TX), Thornwood Art Gallery – group exhibition;

  • 2018 – USA, Naples (FL), Casanova Art Gallery – group exhibition;

  • 2017 – USA, Boston (MA), Art & Design of the 20th & 21st Centuries – solo exhibition;

  • 2017 – USA, Fort Lauderdale (FL), Bellagio Art Gallery – group exhibition;

  • 2017 – USA, Laguna Beach (CA), Elena Fine Art Gallery – solo exhibition;

  • 2016 – USA, New Orleans (LA), YVE Gallery – solo exhibition;

  • 2016 – USA, Artexpo New York;

  • 2015 – USA, Art Rochester, New York;

  • 2015 – USA, Savour Gallery, Chicago, IL – solo exhibition;

  • 2015 – USA, Artexpo New York;

  • 2014 – USA, Los Angeles (CA), World Wide Art;

  • 2014 – Lebanon, Beirut Art Fair (represented by ADAH);

  • 2014 – Italy, Florence, Galleria 360 – group exhibition;

  • 2014 – USA, Art Expo New York, (Pier 94);

  • 2014 – Switzerland, Zürich, Rothschild Bank AG – group exhibition;

  • 2013 – USA, Bronxville (NY), Objects & Images Gallery – group exhibition;

  • 2013 – China, Shanghai, Shanghai Art Fair 2013;

  • 2013 – Great Britain, London, Battersea, Affordable Art Fair;

  • 2013 – Switzerland, Bern, Embassy of Ukraine in the Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Liechtenstein– solo exhibition;

  • 2013 – Switzerland, Olten, Gallerie Art Mathieu – group exhibition;

  • 2013 – France, Paris, Kalinka Art Gallery – group exhibition;

  • 2013 – Great Britain, London, Royal Opera Arcade Gallery – group exhibition;

  • 2012 – United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Art Hub Gallery – solo exhibition;

  • 2010 - Budapest, House of Hungarians – solo exhibition. 

"Whispers of the Soul:
My Artistic Odyssey from Legacy to Abstraction"


“In the symphony of colors and textures, my brushstrokes are whispers from the soul, seeking to capture the ephemeral, the unseen, the felt. Art, for me, is not just an expression but a dialogue with the infinite, a journey where each canvas becomes a bridge between the tangible and the intangible, inviting the viewer to traverse the landscapes of emotion and thought. This is my legacy, my dialogue with the world."

Andrew Manaylo

The Journey Begins


Born into a lineage that breathes art, I, Andrew Manaylo, inherited a world where the canvas speaks louder than words. My earliest memories are tinted with the hues of my grandfather Fedor Manaylo's and my father Ivan Manaylo's masterpieces, both of whom were pivotal figures in the Transcarpathian School of Fine Arts. Fedor, a renowned member of the Carpathian Barbizon and founder of the School, and Ivan, an accomplished painter and art educator, laid the foundation of my artistic destiny. Their lives, dedicated to art, culture, and education, were my first classroom, instilling in me a profound respect for the artistic vocation.


Academic Roots and Avant-Garde Exploration


My formal education in art began in Uzhgorod, evolved in Lviv, and was refined at the prestigious Ilya Repin Art Academy in St. Petersburg. Here, I delved deep into classical techniques, learning from the masters who walked the halls before me. However, the call to explore beyond the visible, to express the sensed and the felt, led me to embrace abstraction. This pivotal shift was not just a change in style but a rebirth, marking my transition from traditional landscapes to vibrant abstract expressions that challenge and captivate.


Philosophy of Creation


For me, art is the medium through which the soul speaks, a bridge between the artist's inner world and the canvas. My approach is one of immersion, where each stroke is an echo of my emotions, and every color a reflection of my thoughts. Abstraction allows me the freedom to explore the intangible, to convey not just the essence of the subject but the emotion it evokes. This journey of exploration and expression is my contribution to the legacy of abstract art, a legacy I strive to enrich with each creation.


Influences and Inspirations


My artistic vision is a tapestry woven from varied threads — each experience, journey, and interaction adding a unique color. From the rugged beauty of the Carpathian landscapes to the sophisticated elegance of St. Petersburg's art scene, and the avant-garde pulse of contemporary galleries worldwide, my palette has been enriched by the world itself. Influential encounters, particularly with the likes of Nikita D. Lobanov-Rostovsky, and the honor of being featured among legends like Dalí and Warhol on Rothschild’s wall, have shaped my path. These experiences have not only honed my aesthetic and technical prowess but have also deepened my understanding of art's role in society and its capacity to transcend cultural and temporal boundaries.


The Artistic Mission


Today, my mission is twofold: to create art that resonates on a universal level, speaking to the shared emotions and experiences that bind us as humans, and to mentor the next generation of artists. Through my work and my mentoring initiatives, I aim to ignite the same passion for abstract art in others that burns within me, fostering a space where creativity and innovation flourish.


A Canvas of Collaboration


As my journey unfolds, I continue to seek collaboration and dialogue with fellow artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. Each exhibition, whether in the historic halls of Hungary or the vibrant galleries of New York, is an opportunity to connect, learn, and inspire. My work, a blend of vitality, emotion, and precision, invites the viewer to embark on a journey of discovery, to find within my paintings a resonance with their own stories and dreams.


Inviting the World In


I invite you to delve into the world of Manaylo Abstract Art — a world where emotions are colors, and stories are told in the language of abstraction. Together, let's explore the mysteries and marvels that lie beyond the brushstrokes.


Andrew Manaylo

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