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Every Painting has a Story

“Andrew’s work is so expressive and skillfully composed, there is no wonder that he is garnering much interest and that his pictures are already in museum collections.
In all my years as a curator and collector, I have rarely come across an artist of his caliber.”

- H.V. (New York, NY)

“It is truly an honor to get to know such a talented and wonderful artist as yourself. Your work means so much more to us because we now know you. We will truly cherish and enjoy it every day!!  Your horses seem alive to me, I feel their power and their spirit.  The vibrant palette of colors is breathtaking, I feel in love at first sight. For me, there is nothing better!!  Robert shares my emotion.”

- J&R.S. (Glencoe, IL)

“Thank you for sharing your gift, Andrew! Your paintings are poetry which there can be no words. They exist only as a feeling.”

- M&G (Miami Beach, FL)

“The painting arrived safely. It is lovely to cohabitate with this lovely piece of paradise! Thanks so much.”

- D.M. (San Francisco, CA)

“We were very proud to host the Manaylo Art Gallery as one of our exhibitors for the 10th Anniversary AD20/21: Art & Design of the 20th and 21st Centuries - the culminating event to Boston Design Week.
Representing three generations of successful artists from Europe, the gallery brings attention to the disappearing Ruthenian culture – an undiscovered and valuable slice of the world of fine art.
We were thrilled to have them join us for our show this year!”

- T.F. (Boston, MA)

“Your art brings a smile to our faces each and every day. Thanks again, Andrew, for sharing your tremendous talent with the world!”

- K.R. (London, Great Britain)

“There is something truly special about Andrew's work. His paintings resonate with human warmth, vitality, and honesty, and are infused with technical brilliance as well.”

- J.C. (Palo Alto, CA)

“Dear Andrew - I wanted you to know, that I received my painting and I love it!  I am honored to join you on your most colorful journey. I wouldn't miss it for anything!  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.”

- M.L. (Houston, TX)

“We were instantly drawn to your sophisticated colors and energetic brush strokes. We feel so fortunate to have this masterpiece in our home and feel happy and blessed to have met you!”

- A.P. (Kenilworth, IL)

“It was a real pleasure to meet you Andrew and get to enjoy your incredible artistic talent!  When anyone comes to our house, they always comment on how beautiful your paintings are! We really enjoy them.”

- J&S.E. (La Quinta, CA)

“My home has been transformed into an abundance of color and movement thanks to your artistic genius, Andrew. Looking forward to seeing 'what's new' on your web site.”

- K.P. (Atherton, CA)

“I am consumed by strong feelings when I view your works, Andrew. Your brush strokes mesmerize the soul and transport one to a place of majestic, yet quiet, solitude. The playful dance of colors in each piece captures the essence of my love of the Ballet. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!”

- K.R. (Los Angeles, CA)

“Your art is gorgeous and immediately recognizable. You've clearly created a niche in the art world where only you and your talent live. Bravo!”

- M.L. (Sagaponack, NY)

“The painting arrived today in perfect condition and hanging on my wall. I wish you could see the smile on my face… I am so glad I found you and will be checking your website regularly to see what new work you create.”

- S.D. (Montreal, Canada)

“Got your gorgeous paintings today. I am becoming quite a collector of your art, since I now have five of your paintings - I just can't help myself...”

- J&D. (Palm Beach, FL)

Collector Testimonials

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