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Visual Echoes of Existence: The Genesis Art Series

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

"Genesis, a series of paintings, encapsulates my contemplations on the nature of existence and the course of human development. It reflects the emotional and instinctual approach I adopt in my work, allowing feelings to spill onto the canvas in vivid, expressive brush strokes. " – Andrew Manaylo

Eloquent Strokes and Luminous Insights: The Evolutionary Epochs of Andrew Manaylo’s Genesis

Eloquent Strokes and Luminous Insights: The Evolutionary Epochs of Andrew Manaylo’s Genesis

In the grand tapestry of life, Andrew Manaylo’s Genesis series represents a symphony of colours, a rhythmic dance of shapes and shades, and a philosophical quest for the underlying essence of existence. Echoing the famed sentiments of Leonardo Da Vinci that “Art is never finished, only abandoned,” Manaylo's ceaseless journey of artistic exploration elucidates the nature of our own existence, our own development, and our unique place in the grand choreography of life. His emotions, like powerful waves, facilitate his deep dive into the boundless ocean of colour and texture, much as Van Gogh drew from his own depths to create beauty that transcends time.

Manaylo's artistic process, akin to the harmonic strumming of a harp, is an immersive exploration of colour and feeling, resonating with the timeless values of mystery and intimacy. As Picasso once eloquently stated, "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." Indeed, Manaylo's paintings become entries in a diary of reverence for the uncharted ocean of the unconscious mind.

Art critic and advisor to esteemed auction houses such as Christie's and Sotheby's, Nikita D. Lobanov-Rostovsky, elucidates Manaylo's art as deeply personal and visceral. He perceives a paradoxical fluidity emerging from the fervent strokes and mushy textures, akin to a conductor leading a symphony, each brush stroke instigating an emotional resonance. Manaylo's artwork is a testament to the grand rhythms of life, encapsulating the dynamism of human emotions and evoking a colourful spectrum of feelings, comparable to Kandinsky’s conviction that “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”.

In the art historian Viktoria Manajlo-Prykhodko's study "On a Thin Layer of the Matrix of Life", Andrew Manaylo's art is perceived as a contemporary commentary on life, embodying the pulse and vibrations of the Earth. His paintings metamorphose into philosophical dialogues, mirroring the fluidity of existence and the evolution of the matrix of life. Manaylo's artistic idiom, rich with symbolism, challenges the viewer to contemplate the nature of reality, much in the spirit of Dali's surrealistic landscapes.

Within his Genesis series, Manaylo expertly weaves symbolic elements into the fabric of his artwork. The symbolic rendering of the primal chaos, the "Big Bang of the Universe," and the inclusion of “paradise apples” as metaphoric beginnings of human history, pay homage to the traditions of the Renaissance masters. The incorporation of geometric elements, reminiscent of circuit board designs, symbolize our modern age of digital transformation, consequently leading to the next cycle of life's matrix - artificial intelligence.

Manaylo's Genesis series manifests as an ode to humanity's genesis and its journey into the future. Each painting, with its unique composition, color, and innovative technical execution, encapsulates the rhythmic symphony of existence, the subtle vibrations of life, and the eternal dance of universal constants. The artist's use of diverse color palettes, as well as the incorporation of advanced technological elements such as LED backlighting, mirror-shiny surfaces, and smartphone integration, are reminiscent of the evolving trends in modern art and digital life.

Much like Michelangelo, who famously professed that his role was merely to liberate the forms already trapped within the marble, Andrew Manaylo's Genesis series can be viewed as a testament to his liberating his understanding of life, development, and existence. By doing so, he continues to push the boundaries of what we perceive as art, inviting us to join him on his creative journey.

Amelia Dawson

Art historian, San Francisco, CA

(More about Andrew Manaylo’s "Genesis" art series: )

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