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Mediterranean Muse: The Transformative Power of Côte d'Azur on Andrew Manaylo's Art

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

"Andrew Manaylo's artistic evolution, marked by a shift from realism to abstraction, is a journey through heritage, passion, and natural beauty. His collection, "Côte d'Azur," is a manifestation of his distinctive perception, as he encapsulates the spirit of the Riviera and its aura. This contemporary artist's work, celebrated for its vital force and exuberant temperament, is a divine gift that glows with life on aluminum panels. Manaylo's art, a unique blend of the tangible and the emotional, is a highly recommended investment, making his paintings a desirable acquisition for anyone with an eye for fine art."

Lucien Bouchard

Art writer, Nice, France

Mediterranean Muse: The Transformative Power of Côte d'Azur on Andrew Manaylo's Art

A Refined Discourse with Artist Andrew Manaylo: Delving into the Profound Artistic Metamorphosis Inspired by the Côte d'Azur

Interviewer: Lucien Bouchard - Art writer, Nice, France

Interviewer: Thank you for joining us today, Andrew. You've recently been enraptured by the French-Italian Riviera and created a series of paintings inspired by the region, aptly named "Côte d'Azur." Can you talk to us about this transformative experience and its profound effect on your artistic style?

Andrew Manaylo: Of course. A few years back, when I acquired a studio in Sanremo, Italy, I felt a significant shift in my creative process. I was intensely driven to experiment, to move beyond the familiar borders of realism, and explore a more unrestricted, non-figurative form. I found this approach allowed me to more deeply communicate the beauty of our world. Rather than a straightforward depiction of my surroundings, I became more interested in conveying the emotional responses those views stirred within me – a sense of joy or awe that is incredibly personal but nonetheless often a shared human experience.

Interviewer: That's incredibly insightful, Andrew. Would you say this exploration has been successful in translating the vibrancy of the Côte d'Azur into your art?

Andrew Manaylo: I hope so. My intent was to capture those vivid colors, the uplifting lightness, and the delightful diversity that contribute to the unique aura of the Côte d'Azur. It's the life-affirming spirit of the place I wanted to preserve on my canvases.

Interviewer: Your artworks have been praised for their vitality, spontaneity, and strength. How do you see these attributes reflecting in your work, particularly this series?

Andrew Manaylo: Yes, that is something I often hear, and it's quite humbling. I believe it's a gift, an ability to tap into this potent, instinctive force and channel it into my creations. It is a language of the soul, so to speak, that communicates regardless of the form it takes.

Interviewer: From the figurative to the abstract and expressionistic, your art appears to evolve with you. Can you speak about this ongoing metamorphosis?

Andrew Manaylo: Definitely. This shift has been a reflection of my personal evolution and my continued learning from life and various influences. I've studied and traveled across Italy, France, North America, and my journeys significantly impacted my artistic expressions. The masters at the academies in Uzhgorod, Lviv, and St. Petersburg, the inspiration I drew from my Rusyn roots, and the influence of my father and grandfather, who were painters themselves, all played a part in shaping my art. I believe the infusion of these experiences and influences culminated in the birth of my current style – a freer form that ventures to communicate feelings, emotions, and desires.

Interviewer: And how does your new environment, the Mediterranean, influence your creative process?

Andrew Manaylo: The Mediterranean is an endless source of inspiration with its crystal-clear, vibrant sea water, warm sunlight, and unique sensory atmosphere. It compels me to capture this enchanting charm on my canvas. The colors, the lightness, the diversity, they all encapsulate the essence of the Côte d'Azur, a sense of timelessness and a celebration of life.

Interviewer: We've noticed that you've chosen to paint on aluminum panels and without frames. Is there a specific reason behind this choice?

Andrew Manaylo: Yes, indeed. I choose aluminum panels as they lend a sense of continuity to my work, an illusion of infinity that echoes my impressions of life and the world. This infinity, in a sense, contradicts our human perception of time as finite. The absence of frames enhances this impression, as I see my works as fragments of life encased in a subdued glow, rather than confined within boundaries.

Interviewer: Your "Côte d'Azur" series has received considerable acclaim, with many pieces showcased in galleries across Nice and Monaco, and acquired by patrons and collectors. How does this recognition impact your journey as an artist?

Andrew Manaylo: It is deeply gratifying. Each acknowledgment reinforces my belief in my artistic journey and further motivates me to explore and express. However, it’s not just the acclaim but also the opportunity to evoke a sense of shared joy and wonder in the viewers that is truly rewarding.

Interviewer: Thank you for this illuminating conversation, Andrew. We look forward to seeing more of your work and your continued exploration of the artistic landscape.

(More about Andrew Manaylo’s "Côte d'Azur" art series:

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